Hassan Khan: el wahda elkebeera (The Big One), 2009, at Palais Bahia, Biennale de Marrakech

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The Big One opening performance by Hassan Khan
Concert organized at Palais Bahia, with R22 Art Radio and L’appartement 22

راديو الشقة 22 يقدم حسن خان مع أجدد انتاجاته الموسيقية الواحدة الكبيرة سهرة مع شعبي مصري معاصر و صوتيات إلكترونية 19/11/2009 19:00 R22 Art Radio presents Hassan Khan live in concert with his latest set The Big One new wave synth-shaabi and toneworks.

At Palais Bahia, Hassan Khan performs his piece « The Big One. » This set juxtapozes original, hardcore, synth-based, experimental shaabi workouts with delicately wrought tonal compositions. All live instrumentals were generated in a series of late-night recording sessions with shaabi musicians and arrangers. For one central track in the introduction of the piece, Khan asked a professional popular singer,usually a performer at weddings, to scream and sing anything, imagining himself in the presence of a deaf audience; the singer is pushed to hysteric screams, screaming unintelligible words.

Thanks to Hassan Khan