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Être là dans l’infranchissable distance.

Alain Chareyre-Méjan (à droite) avec Mathieu Grizard.
Conférence d’Alain Chareyre-Méjan, dans cadre d’Aix en cinema, une proposition de Mathieu Grizard pour Image de ville, dans le cadre de Une 5ème saison, biennale d’art et de culture d’Aix-en-Provence.

Jacques Audiberti parle, dans « Le mur du fond », de ce qu’il appelle « les fantômes émulsifiants du cinéma » .
Il entend par là que les personnages de films nous ignorent, et que c’est justement ce qui en fait de réelles présences. Alain Chareyre-Méjan, philosophe et spécialiste d’esthétique, s’attache à montrer toute la profondeur de ce paradoxe.

Philosophe, professeur des Universités, directeur de recherches à l’université de Provence, Alain Chareyre-Méjan a publié des essais sur le fantastique, la littérature libertine, l’expérience esthétique.
Sa conception du fantastique fait droit au réel comme simple et inquiétant à la fois. Ses travaux concernant la théorie esthétique portent sur le lien consubstantiel qu’il promeut entre expérience esthétique et sentiment de l’existence.

Jeudi 8 décembre 2022 à 18h00

* Ce programme R22 est realise en partenarait avec La Non-Maison, Aix-en-Provence.

R22 Version 1.0 de 2007 à 2014

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La R22 radioappartement22 est créée en 2007. La premieres version de la plateforme a ete replace par la verison 2.0, avec la meme structure des programmes et rubriques. Des programmes R22 Art Radio sont aussi produit en collaboration avec des institutions et projets partenaires, biennales, musees, centres d’arts.

Cette page est dedie a une selection d’archives R22 art radio, ses voyages et son apparition dans diverses geographies depuis sa creation.

R22 North Sea, 2009
Z’fran Jtronica, Palermo 2010.
Hatori Yumi & Kitchen Noises,
Le bon, la brute et le truand, theme – inspiration R22 –

Café Univers, by Syma Tariq and Francesca Savoldi

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A temporary recording studio at Contour Biennale 8’s Opening Weekend Public Programme / DAI Roaming Assembly #12, Café Univers draws on conversations, music and live internet/FM radio feeds from across the globe to dialogue freely around sound, place and histories of struggle. The episodes navigate mainstream radio stations via the Radio Garden website as well as music chosen by presenters. The project melds sonic exploration of south/south solidarity and the collapsing of physical/digital spaces vis a vis the chaotic dynamics of listening to the radio while rotating the globe.

Café Univers is a project conducted by Syma Tariq and Francesca Savoldi and supported by R22 RadioAppartement22



Episodes 1, 2 & 3: Ritu Sarin and Tenzing Sonam have been making films together for three decades on the recurrent subject of Tibet, in which they are intimately involved.They chat with us about the music of their film ‘Drapchi Elegy‘ and the songs performed and recorded by a group of nuns imprisoned for protesting peacefully. We chat as well about the role of radio in the Tibetan diaspora, music of exile and the meaning of its contemporary influences.





Episodes 4 & 5: Karrabing Film Collective are from the Belyuen community on the Cox Peninsula across Darwin Harbour, Australia. They took up filmmaking after being made homeless, and use media as a means to express protection for their ancestors, sacred sites and mother country. The films represent their lives, create bonds with their land, and intervene in global images of indigeneity. Gavin Bianamu, Rex Edmunds and Elizabeth A. Povinelli speak to us about filming, family, Australian radio music and screwing copyright.





Episodes 6 & 7: Denise Ferreira da Silva offered at Contour Biennale 8’s Public Programme notes on a theory of transformative justice, assessing contemporary (total, institutional, symbolic) violence and raciality while interrogating a value-based proposal for practical decolonisation (ie, construing and then demanding the wealth back). She speaks to Café Univers about Brazilian radio novelas, cultural value extraction and hip hop, among other personal subjects.





Episode 8: Pedro Neves Marques is (together with Mariana Silva) behind inhabitants – an online channel for exploratory video and reporting. He comments on one of the works presented at Contour Biennale 8, ‘Hobby Lobby vs. The Allegory of Justice’, which revolves around an interesting case from 2014 in the US, where corporations claimed for the first time their religious rights to suppress providing health care and contraceptives to employees. Travelling together though Radio Garden we try to find evidence of the Trump era on US airwaves.



Episode 9: A chat with Mariana Silva, co-founder of inhabitants with Pedro Neves Marque. She is a Portuguese artist based in New York. As well as navigating Radio Garden with us through night radio broadcasts and transmissions from the Azorean archipelago, she connects some of the works produced for Contour Biennale 8 with her reflections on the US Women’s March on Washington, which took place on March 8 2017.



Episode 10: Pedro Gómez-Egaña drops by to tell us about the piece he produced for Contour Biennale 8 and related research that explores the complex tradition of riddles in polyphonic manuscripts of the Flemish region, and the enigmatic silence they contain. Continuing with the task of listening, we tune into the airwaves of his homeland, Bucaramanga (Colombia). Pedro is an artist whose recent works gravitate around questions of temporality in the intersection between technology and culture.


Episode 11: A recording of the last eight minutes of Rana Hamadeh‘s soundplay, « Can You Make a Pet of Him Like a Bird or Put Him on a Leash For Your Girls? » (40″). Structured through the oratorical tradition of the Shiite ceremony of Ashoura, it takes its political, military and legal expressions with the Lebanese/Syrian contexts as its field for commentary and research. Centred around the murder of Hussain, the Prophet’s grandson, it is a terrible and beautiful mixture of vocal trauma and dark trance. Headphones advised.

R22 art radio

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FR ///// Crée en 2007, la R22 art radio est conçue comme un espace d’archive vivante, autour des artistes, des expositions et publications de L’appartement 22.  La R22 est aussi une plateforme de débat des questions culturelle et sociales – objet principal de l’art véritable -.


EN ///// Founded by Abdellah Karroum on 10 October 2007, RadioApartment22 (R22) is Morocco’s first radio station solely dedicated to contemporary cultural and artistic practice. R22 radio broadcasts interviews, artist sound projects, conferences, commentaries, and interviews in multiple languages (Arabic, French, English, Tamazight, German, Wolof, Spanish…). A nomadic studio of R22 stops in different festivals and international biennials (Gwangju, Marrakech, New York…). We invite all artists, curators, academics, researchers, students, and members of the general public to join in this collaborative radio project by submitting their own audio works and/or radio expertise.


Links ///// Listen to R22 Art Radio

R22 radio at the Gwangju Bienial, Korea, 2008

R22 radio at Marrakech Biennale, Morocco, 2009

R22 art radio at MDE 11, Medellin, Colombia, 2011

R22 Brussels, Belgium, 2011

R22 Cotonou, Benin, 2012

In 2014, Khiasma (montreuil) and L’appartement 22 (Rabat) initiated a new R22 station, R22 Tout Monde, expanding on curatorial dialogues.

In 2018, RABATOKYO radio program is created in collaboration with AIT (Art Initiative Tokyo).