Aurora Pellizzi: Serpientes, exhibition at L’appartement 22, from 26 Feb – 15 May 2016.

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Audioguide with artist Aurora Pellizzi, Curator Natalia Valencia, and L’appartement 22 Artistic Director Abdellah Karroum.

Aurora Pellizzi’s exhibition project at L’appartement 22 is part of a long standing enquiry around traditional textile practices originally started by the

artist in Oaxaca in Mexico some years ago. After a research period that included a residency in Fez and dialogue with women weavers from the Sefrou Amazigh community in the Middle Atlas, Pellizzi produced works that explore fertility and the female body’s relation with hidden knowledge, pointing to the ambiguities implicit in the role of women in society. Her pieces defy the gendered notion of domination ascribed to women by exploring the alternate functional and spiritual planes where women exert specific forms of empowerment. The project aims to consider the traditional production of textiles as a refined technology used for story-telling, community binding and time keeping.